The Tutor System

In the Senior School, pupils are allocated a personal Tutor who works under the umbrella of the three School Houses – Douglas, Moray and Stewart.
Pupils would normally remain with their Tutor from Transitus [Primary 7], or their point of entry to the Senior School, through to the conclusion of Senior 5. Senior 6 pupils are a single cohort for pastoral care purposes, with the Vice-Principal [Director of Studies & Pastoral Care] fulfilling the role of Tutor. Siblings would normally be allocated to the same Tutor.

The Tutor System is a vertical system which allows key relationships to be formed: firstly, the pupil with their Tutor, secondly the pupil with his or her peers who will be drawn from throughout the Senior School and thirdly, Tutor and parents, where the Tutor forms the first point of information both on academic progress and on general well-being.

Tutors play an extremely important role in the School, since they carry the ultimate and immediate responsibility of caring for each of the pupils in their groups. Each pupil has a number of meetings throughout the year to set targets and discuss their own education and development needs, and has access to their tutor at any time if a problem occurs. Each tutor is responsible for a group of approximately 30 pupils to ensure individual time and attention.