Modern Studies

Modern Studies has become one of the curriculum’s most interesting and exciting subjects. Through the use of case studies and resources, a wide variety of topics are covered through a variety of learning contexts.

Learners are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of these issues by using various sources of information. The use of up-to-date and engaging sites on the internet can be accessed to allow the student to develop critical thinking skills and find things out for themselves.

In Modern Studies the learner will be encouraged to present their findings through a variety of means that they themselves can choose. From posters to Powerpoint presentations the learner can reveal to the class the exact nature of their findings.

Learners are further encouraged to demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and reflect on their own work – in order that they can then set targets and next steps in their learning.

Modern Studies provides a dynamic range of experiences for all learners and is available at all presentation levels up to and including Advanced Higher.