The History Department aims to introduce pupils to a wide a range of historical periods. This involves studying topics across a number of centuries, from Ancient to Modern History.

A broadly chronological approach is taken with Transitus to Senior 3 classes. Senior pupils follow SQA certificate courses. Pupils study at the appropriate level from National 4 to Advanced Higher.

The Department also aims to introduce pupils to a wide geographical range of historical topics. We study aspects of European, British and Scottish history.

The Department identifies a number of key skills which it wishes to develop in its pupils. The most important of these is a knowledge and understanding of past events. Pupils will also be encouraged to develop enquiry skills which involve the ability to examine evidence critically and evaluate it.

Finally, the Department aims to help pupils develop their communication skills, both oral and written. The overall aim is therefore to help pupils become informed, articulate and critical about past events which have shaped our world.