The Geography Department at Belmont House School aims to provide a friendly, exciting and purposeful teaching environment where every pupil is valued, encouraged and given the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

The department aims to develop pupils’ understanding and appreciation of physical and human Geography coupled with environmental interactions that form the basis of our ever-changing world. Our learning and teaching extends beyond the classroom where our pupils enjoy a number of fieldwork trips enhancing their understanding and skills. It is our belief that through studying Geography pupils will become:

  • confident learners who can learn independently, communicate effectively and respect different countries and cultures
  • successful learners who are motivated and are able to investigate, challenge, debate and enjoy discovering places
  • effective contributors who exhibit enterprising attitudes and can problem-solve, work collaboratively and cooperate with others successfully
  • responsible citizens through examining economic, social, cultural and political issues.

Geography is a popular subject within Belmont House School achieving strong exam results. It is offered as part of the Broad General Education to all of our Transitus, S1 and S2 pupils, as well as National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses in the Senior Phase of the School.