Biology is the study of living organisms and as such, it’s one of the broadest and captivating subjects in science. The aims of the department are to make pupils more aware of the living world and the problems associated with it, to make pupils more aware of the development and physiology of their own bodies and associated health problems, and to enable pupils to make informed opinions on topical science issues both now and in the future.

Biology taught in Senior 1 and Senior 2 provides a range of different contexts for learning and embraces the principles and practices of a Curriculum for Excellence. From Senior 3 pupils commence the study of SQA qualifications and are currently presented at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Levels. Pupils following these courses will acquire Knowledge and Understanding of biological facts and ideas. They will also develop skills in Problem Solving and in Practical Abilities by carrying out investigations and interpreting the results.

The Biology department is also committed to providing outdoor education opportunities for pupils and as such, fieldwork projects and collaborations with outside agencies are ongoing throughout the session.

Many of the students who study Biology go on to careers in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Physiotherapy, Pharmacology, Zoology, Marine and Aquatic Biology, Food Production, Gene Therapy, Genomics, Microbiology, Education and Research.