Introducing Our Latest Pupil – Belle

20th Apr 2021

Introducing our latest pupil, Belle,

Last year we wanted to make a short video detailing the journey of our students and what life is like at Belmont House School.

Obviously 2020 had other ideas and we found ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, but we rallied together as we always do!


Our Principal, Mel Shanks, writes:

“Covid-19 and lockdowns meant we were restricted and even when things lifted, we wanted to protect our students & teaching staff to keep them safe, so decided against filming.

A different approach to promoting the school was required and we decided that animation was the way forward. The character of Belle was created, then we used storyboards before animating her journey through her years with us.

We believe using this animated short with Belle as our lead character perfectly captures the beauty of what Belmont House School offers our pupils whilst preparing them for life after school as young adults.

The last 12 months have been challenging for us all, however our teaching staff and pupils have shown incredible spirit through adversity and the school has functioned very successfully, delivering a full timetable of live remote lessons throughout.”


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Our thanks to the Glasgow creative agency, Cole AD, for the animation & design work. Kudos to Blanche Anderson, our voiceover artist best known for being the station voice for BBC Radio Scotland. Brilliant teamwork all round!




Introducing Our Latest Pupil – Belle