Duke of Edinburgh Silver Assessment

6th Dec 2017

We joined with Eastwood Scouts to deliver a crucial award element.

The School continues to strengthen its links with outside providers in the delivery of high quality experiences for its pupils. On the 6th October two Silver teams from Belmont House set off to meet with and undertake their Silver Assessment expedition under the overall assessment of chief Scout Assessor, Mr J Patterson.

The two Belmont Teams, one operating on its own, and the other team mixed with a few Scouts, undertook a challenging 3 day trek around a large part of the Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park area, Aberfoyle. Mr Patterson met with the teams at least once a day and asked the teams plenty of questions about a range of expedition related matters in order to meet the 20 conditions.

At the end of the experience Mr Patterson was keen to stress that all participants had done well and they had proved up to the challenge over the three days.

Very well done to all Belmont pupils and to the Scouts as well. Thanks go to both Mr Patterson and to a former parent of the school Mrs S Cuthbertson, (whose daughter has just been awarded Gold), for making the assessment possible – their continued to support is vital in allowing our pupils to achieve their full award.

The images here are from the Silver presentation of one of our groups.

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Assessment