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Young Enterprise Scotland

Our time in Young Enterprise Scotland has been very enjoyable experience. At the start of the process we were twenty two hardworking individuals across two year groups but by the end we were a resilient team. We have all had a taste of what life is really like outside of school and we have gained an inside view of the business world.

Young Enterprise has taught us all great life skills, one of which being communication. Young Enterprise has enhanced our communication skills as we have had to listen to team members but also convey ideas. This experience allowed us all to become closer friends and communicate with people outside our friendship groups.

We had to pitch our own business plan to a large audience in which we narrowly missed out in winning the overall award but were praised by the judges for our business awareness and confidence whilst presenting.

Young Enterprise has also taught us time management skills as every member of the team has had crucial examinations to sit this year so a healthy balance had to be created to ensure all school work was completed while also dedicating enough time to our team. Owning and running our own business and making a small profit as a result was very enjoyable and has set us in good stead for the future and we have been inspired to go on and study Business in the future.

Senior 6 Pupil 



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