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Chemists have a bigger role in everyday life than you might realise.  Without Chemistry, life would be very different!

Chemistry is not an isolated discipline, for it merges into Physics and Biology.  It is the Science of the materials that make up our Physical World.  The curriculum provided by the department is delivered through all years from S1 to Senior 6 inclusive.  

Topics include: Chemical Reactions, Rates of Reactions, Acids and Alkalis, Rusting of metals, Atoms and the Periodic Tables, Bonding, Fuels, Structure and Reaction of Hydrocarbons, Properties of Substances, Solutions, Making Electricity, Plastics, Fertilisers, Carbohydrates and Alcohol.

Practical work lies at the heart of the teaching methodologies utilised in the department, with pupils encouraged to learn key laboratory skills from an early stage to ensure that they fully benefit from their study of Chemistry.

In S5 two students are selected to attend St Andrews University for a Chemistry Masterclass where they spend a day as first year university students.

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